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My health has been pretty shit since I switched to Seroquel a year ago from Sulpiride. I have spent most of the time feeling suicidally depressed or in a mixed state (agitated/insomniac/depressed). This depression only really started with the change of AP.

I was on S'quel in 1999 and, although a very hazy time at uni, I remember a similar type of depression. At the time I was on a lower dose of S'quel (300mg) with Tegretol Retard. Later on I got fed up with it, came off it and ended up psychotic in a foreign country.

Although I have copies of all my medical records now, I cannot really get any clear idea of how the drug was really affecting me that academic yr as all I have are many letters from the psychs reminding me to call their office as I had missed my appt.However, this can't really mean it was working!

I have not been delusional since 2000 (when i switched to Sulpiride). Granted, I have been on an AP all that time, so it's hard to tell, but the worst I have had since then are perceptual distortions and, if v hungover, ideas of reference that I know are bullshit.

The main, massive issue is the huge mood swings I had to deal with and which have been worse this past year. I can be obsessed with suicide or I get a bit hyper (not nice feeling) and obsessively daydream about the same two people I know. It's painful either way. Also, unlike before S'quel, drink is out of the question generally as it intensifies the pain, makes my mind race at 1000mph and stops me sleeping. Not a problem to cut it out, I know.

Going on to Li a month ago has softened the depression but it's still there. I have just increased to 900mg.

I wonder whether it might be better to just try Li and Lamotrigine (since 04) on their own. Part of me feels it might be the S'quel worsening the depression since it all started, or rather severely worsened, when i went on it.

Plus it forced the return of HPPD. PLUS I can't sleep on it which is soooo frustrating!!! PLUS it is not evening out my mood. Only LI has vaguely helped this year as well as Valium prn. On Sulpiride I never needed a benzo....(wistful sigh).

I am seeing my psych Mon a.m.

I just wondered whether anyone had felt similar and what people thought about staying on Li and Lam and dropping S'quel. I am v med compliant and wouldn't do it without my psych's approval and a v slow reduction schedule but was hoping others might have ideas/experiences/suggestions before i go in.

Sorry about massive post! ;) Thanks in advance for any posts...

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Hi Amy,

I started a thread where I also ask about Seroquel and worsening depression. It's called "Seroquel for bipolar", if you'd like to read and possibly reply. Like you, I've felt bad since starting Seroquel. I've been improving with a taper-off, though I have to watch things to make sure I don't develop manic symptoms, because other than Seroquel I'm just on lamotrigine as a mood stabilizer (which I really really like - takes the depression away and helps me think better).


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