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Biggest Cocktail

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What was the highest number of medications you have ever been on? You don't have to list them, just provide the number.

I was on 7 psychiatric meds + 1 multivitamin + a Vitamin C

So in total my biggest "cocktail" consisted of 9 medications.

(I feel like we have a topic like this. If so, I'm sorry for making a double)

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4 psych meds (5 if you count a combo of an XR and IR) + 1 med to combat a side-effect of one said psychrx

so 6.

is it bad that I look at that and go 'whoa, that's not bad at all! only 6?? cool!'

I'm also only 21 so haven't had as much time to 'play' as some of y'all.


ps- even with 6 meds I find it annoying that I take between 10 and 12 PILLS every single day...only 6 rxes but it looks like a lotlotlot more because of how it's dosed.

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I'm on 3 psyche meds, 1 multivitamin, and 1 OTC painkiller for the joints. I take fish oil when I can afford it - so 5 to 6 at the mo... wait, add the inhaler as needed. 7 on and off.

I've never been on more than 3 psyche meds at a time - but there was a time when I was on an equal number of prescription pain meds and the vitamins, and three inhalers, and I was trying to "better" myself with "natural" supplements, but just made everything worse... I believe that made the magic number 12... yeah, around there. I don't remember. Could be 13...

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Currently on 5 psyc meds, and 15 Vitamins (Just saw a doc who wants me to ween off my psyc meds with vitamins) so = 20 total ;)

In terms of tablets 22 psyc pills and 25 Vitamins = 45 tablets a day.

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Only 2 psych meds. Alternate temazepam, doxylamine succinate and valerian for sleep as needed. Anti-inflammatories & painkillers a lot of days (back problem). Valium, only sometimes.

It's the supplement count that brings me up - multi-vit, zinc, b12, magnesium, flaxseed oil, evening primrose oil, Blackmore's 'sugar balance', gymnema, veg glucosamine, Udo's oil blend, brewer's yeast, lecithin.

So potentially 18 'things' a day. A lot more in terms of tablets though.

I rattle in the morning.

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9 psych meds [i think] plus an otc med. And the number of actual pills a day was just nuts. a couple were prn though so it depended day-to-day.

Now I'm at 5 plus fish oil and calcium [and depo].

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Wow, that's a lot of polypharmacy. I had to pretty much beg to get a second medication added in for psych management. At the mo I'm just on 2 psych meds and my PRN inhaler for asthma. So that's 6 tablets a day (3 of each).

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6 psych meds (although some are just PRN) + birth control + antibiotics (acne) + weight smart multivitamins (even though I know they make no difference on my weight and are likely the exact same as other multi-vitamins) + prenatal vitamins (don't laugh, i heard they made my hair and nails stronger!) + stress B complex + omega 3 + calcium + acidolpholis (I have no idea how to spell that... it prevents some not-so-fun girl problems that come from the antibiotics)

Oh! And I just started that Nivea cellulite program, and it comes with pills that contain L-Carnitine and Linoleic Acid. I'm sure they also do nothing, but I'll try it.

Of course, this doesn't include all of my acne prescriptions that I don't take via mouth. That would be 4 more. I need to look at all of my pill ingredients and make sure I'm getting enough Folic Acid, because I heard that can help with depression.

So I guess 15 (19 if you count my topical prescriptions)... but most of those are vitamins, so it's not a fancy cocktail.

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well, gotta update this I guess--

((deep breath)):


oh! it's like supercalifragilisticexpialidocious on psych meds to stop the hallucinations of dancing around in side-walk chalk drawings and with cartoon penguin waiters before going into town to laugh on the ceiling.

so I'm up to 7 - and I should take a multi-vitamin and something for my crakalackin joints but I can't deal with taking any more pills. plus I'd have to buy a new pill box since mine juuuuust barely fit into the days of the week now ;)


ps- I SO spelled supercalifragilisticexpialidocious right on the first try! Really, I checked it on google, haha.

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The max I've taken is eight at a time a few years ago:

Citalopram: 40 mg

Adderall: 40 mg

Provigil: 200 mg

Wellbutrin SR: 300 mg

Donepezil: 5 mg

Alprazolam: 2 mg

Gabapentin: 400 mg

Trazodone: 50 mg

Plus a slurry of supplements, including resveratrol, green tea extract, ashwagandha, CoQ10, hawthorn, high-dose D3, milk thistle, alpha lipoic acid and acetyl l-carnitine

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My biggest number was at a point a couple years ago... I was on 6 psychotropics and 1 to combat the tremors from them all.

Abilify 30mg

Lamictal 100 or 150 mg (? can't remember exactly)

Prozac 60 mg

Seroquel 300 mg

Trazadone 300 mg

Lithium 900 mg

Inderal 60 mg

not fun stuff. so glad i'm not on them all now. I'm down to one daily psychotropic, one daily med to prevent migraines, and birth control. have some PRNs, but only really use the migraine one.

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Five Psych meds,

two heavy opiates,

vits b and D,

three or four more for my blood pressure

one more for my guts handling all the above

I probably forgot some ;)

like the thyroid pill


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I haven't posted here in FOREVER!!!!

I love this topic...makes my pill keeper feel normal!

The most at once was: Buspar, Xanex, Ritalin, Ambien, Remeron, Prozac, Prilosec, Inderal, Topamax, Depo-Provera. Also Zomeg and Vicodin for migraines. Right now I'm not on as many, but I take 13 pills a day.

Funny story..my mother in law is into herbal stuff and has a lot of health problems and she has shoeboxes full of herbal remadies and is always trying to pawn them off onto my husband and my his brother. But then she also takes prescription stuff and I want to tell her they don't mix! Then, we just visited her and she was taking Vioxx from 2003 and I'm like "Uhhh, they took that stuff off the market....AND it's 6 years old....you probably shouldn't be taking it!".

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17 to 21 vitamins/supplements at breakfast, 17 to 21 at lunch (the school nurse went home before dinner) and some allergy medication, I think one, and my albuterol occasionally. That's the most I've ever been on. I know that was mainly vitamins.

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I'm on twelve meds (not counting vitamins and supplements), trying to cut back. Two anti-depressants, one benzo, and just added provigil, so four for my brain. That's what my brain usually runs on...three or four meds.

It becomes so difficult when some meds cancel others out, or when trying to add vitamins and supplements into the mix - the ones that which to be taken alone, the ones that have to go with food. I've got four compartments per day in my pill box, and I could use two more.

The more pills I take, the more pills I need. Symptoms blend into side effects, then bleed and spill from one illness into another, no idea which end is up... But, cutting back means withdrawal - gotta choose the med and timing very wisely and still risk disease getting worse, either temporarily or for a good while.

o, sigh.

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I think I am on the biggest cocktail i've ever been on at the moment.

Today I have taken 12 different prescription meds and 16 different Vitamins/minerals/amino acid

In terms of tablets 48 prescription tablets and 26 Vitamins = 74 pills today.

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Guest Magicaldancer

The Bigest Cocktail I am on is what I am on now which followa

Topiramate 100 mg 2 x a day

Sertraline 100 mg 1 x daily

Abilfly 10 mg 1 x daily

Ambiem 10mg as needed

Nasonex Dail

Loestren daily

So a total of 4 psych meds abd 2 other Meds for a grad total of 6

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5 psych meds + 5 allergy meds + 1 BC + 4 supplements + 1 NSAID = 16. um yeah...

lexapro 20 mg QD

lamictal 300 mg QD

concerta 54 mg QD

ritalin 10 mg QD

xanax .5 mg QID






Multi vitamin




Advil 800 mg TID

thankfully, i'm not on this much medication anymore. so many pills...

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