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I'm a married 43 year old mother of 4, step-mother to one, and grandmother to my Princess the three-year old. I was dx'd with bipolar II in 2005 when an increase in Prozac sent me into a manic attack and I walked out of my job. I've had a pretty abusive and dysfunctional life and am dx'd with bipolar II, PTSD, OCD, Social Anxiety, Specific Phobias and Fibromyalgia.

I've been out of work and on disability since 2005. My pdoc suggested me leaving my job because I can't handle stress anymore. The accumulative effects of a lifetime of stress has worn me down to my core and I just don't have the ability to process and deal with stress anymore.

I suffer 95% of my bipolar symptoms in the form of depression and do not have periods of "normalcy" between the depression and mania. I'm so desperate for help that I've been researching ECT treatments, but the more I read the more I want to run in the other direction!

I've been on all of the psych drugs and have been deemed "med resistant". Where do I go from here? Who the hell knows. I have a pdoc appointment next month and I'm hoping to brainstorm with him because this is getting pretty serious.

I'm glad to have found these boards and hope I can get and receive some good help here.


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debiz, welcome to CrazyBoards. We have other bipolar folks here who feel that they are depressed much more often than manic, so I know they'll be around to talk to you. I also hope that they have some advice and suggestions for you. Please PM one of the mods if you don't understand something, and give a look at our rules so you know about the nipple clamps.


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