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And I have to say that the changes are wonderful. I have to say that I'm noticing some changes already and it's only been a week. I've noticed that my sleep has improved on this medication and that I'm able to concentrate better. In regards to the sleep first, I go to bed last night @ 10pm, I'm able to get to sleep by 10:30pm or even before, I got up and the clock said 4:52, but I went back to sleep almost instantly and then I didn't get up again until 7:30am. I'm able to focus better. While I can't multi-task (never was able to), I'm at least able to focus on the current task at hand. In terms of my thinking I wish it would start helping with that a bit but I guess that will take a little bit longer. I'm still a bit restless and I know I don't get that side effect with Zyprexa Zydis 5mg but Mom noticed it's subsiding so something good is happening with this medication. I'm just so greatful I mentioned something to the doctor when I did because I'm slowly getting back to stability again. I guess once the Abilify get's itself out of my system, and the Zyprexa Zydis builds in my system things will just get better and better. I will update you on my progress futher as more comes but those are the changes I've noticed. I'm so happy that things are looking for the better thus far and I hope they continue. No hearing voices, no seeing things, no suicidal or homicidal thoughts, stuff like that either so all is well, I'm so proud and I know my doctor will be too...

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