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influenza vs side effects from med change

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Hi All,

when i think about this question i second question myself and ask if the clarification is necessary. So, since its been on my mind all night - then its necessary.

im going thru one hell of a med change tapering off seroquel. went to pdoc on friday and he said to start abilify now while getting off the seroquel.

the research ive done states that nausea & vomiting could be possible while doing this change.

however - as i think most of the USA knows - there has been an ugly flu going around. and im feeling really sick to my stomach.

(baby got the flu shot - i hope on the world that she doesnt get sick).


1. is it important to know the difference?

2. and if yes, do i contact my pdoc? or should i just wait it out and hope things dont get worse?



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I think it's VERY important that you discuss this with your pdoc, and your GP if seeing one for the "flu". I was recently in transition from an SSRI to an SNRI. During this time I developed a particularly nasty stomach/intestinal "bug" of some sorts.....diarreaha, vomiting....not even sip of water would stay down any longer than it took to hit my stomach. At the same time it seemed my new SNRI wasn't working. My GP prescribed phenargen....not a pretty med to begin with. I was also advised to take imodium. I had just come off Augmenten for a respiratory infection. I had other physical health matters going on at the same time, so I was also on another med from my GP.

Anyway, I orchestrated this whole mess with GP and pdoc. I felt like crap for at least a week, but I also felt that I knew what meds were affecting other meds, and what role the new SNRI was playing(it didn't seem to be working, and my pdoc wanted to switch me back to an SSRI, or another SNRI). I convinced the pdoc to let me get past the physical ailments and give the new SNRI a fighting chance. Ultimately, it worked out, and I am very stable again. Glad I stuck with it.

Hope you stay in good health, and especially the baby!


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i got the 'flu' when coming off seroquel too. It was very, very nasty.

Some anti nausea drugs helped, whereas if i had the flu, perhaps antibiotics would have been better.

that is a good reason to figure out why.

hope you get better soon!!!

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My opinion would be that it doesn't matter whether it's some virus or withdrawal -- in either case it's self-limited and will end of its own accord, and all you can do about it is drink Gatorade and wait it out.

BTW, real flu, that is, influenza, is a respiratory illness that (usually) doesn't involve nausea and vomiting. So your daughter will not be protected against a gastrointestinal virus by virtue of having gotten a flu shot. Unfortunately. Also, all this stuff (whether actual flu or most GI illnesses) are viral and won't be helped by antibiotics, so, seeing a doctor about it probably won't serve much purpose.

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I'm not sure how important it is to know the difference, personally. If it's really worrying you, sure, give pdoc a ring, but what is that really going to change? If you want to try a slower taper or another pmed to ease the transition, go for it. Otherwise, I'd just take it easy and stay hydrated and everything like that.

Since the flu is a virus, antibiotics will not work on it any more than they will on med withdrawal symptoms, so either way, you're probably going to have to wait it out.

Unless you're in a place where you cannot keep anything down at all and you think you're really dangerously ill, I'd try to wait it out for a little while longer. If it goes on forever or you're really really sick, I'd call, but if it's just a bit of nastiness, it's probably worth waiting it out.

I'm sorry you're feeling crappy, though ;) Hope it lifts soon.

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I agree with Sorrel and tryp that its not important to know the difference.

I would contact pdoc or gp if you b/c dehydrated or are having trouble keeping the meds down due to vomiting from withdrawal symptoms.

Best of luck to you db!

I've got my eyes, toes, legs, arms and kidneys crossed for you.

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hi all,

thanks for the info. i have nausea, various body pains, headaches, and fatigue. i do everything i can NOT to vomit. but that is a post for a different thread.

(i have nasal congestion 24/7 due to a botched up deviated septum surgery and i've chosen to live with it).

while i didnt want to nit-pick i do feel the purpose to provide accurate info. i checked mayoclinic.com and it does list "diarreah and vomiting in children" for influenza.


I also have some high anxiety and so far im only taking my rx of xanax.

this is going to be a very long process...so far ive only come down 200mg from the seroquel in a month. so now im taking 800mg of seroquel.


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