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Greetings Weblings

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Hi everybody, I am new here on the board. Nice to have found a cool board with people who have similar issues.

Me: Bipolar, PTSD, depression, etc...

Meds: Lamictal, Lexapro

also: magnesium, fishoil, flaxseed oil, B Vitamins

things that are helping: my counselor, exercise, writing, acupuncture, good people I can trust

things that suck: I gained weight, side effects like sleepiness and being unable to think

I am a 31 year old girl/woman, I've been on quite a journey and I'm thankful to be alive. I'm working on a book about my mom who had bi-polar and OD'd in 2000. I am working hard to keep myself well and have as much fun as possible (without going manic and ruining everything)


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Hi, Persona, and welcome to Crazyboards. I think you'll find this a nicely nutty bunch of people.

When you get a few minutes, look over our rules so you know what is what here in the asylum. If you have a question about anything, you can PM me or any of the mods.


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