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My Grand Intro

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Hi, I'm new here. No? ;)

I have multiple problems in my life, have been living with chronic pain for 8 years now, am depressed cuz the docs say so, have fibromylalgia, you know, the disease that isn't real although I have been "officially" dx'd with it 3 months ago by a rhuemy. My md.s opinion didn't matter in the real world I guess. I also am suffering from the onset of very painful arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, don't know if I spelled it right with a little RA thrown into the mix. Oh yeah, I was dx'd with graves disease 3 years ago, donated my thyroid to pathology, not by choice and was told I had papillary cancer of the thyroid as well. Merry Xmas! I made it through that storm, but am still suffering from major anxiety, PTSD (another story in of itself) did I say pain,haha, which they tell me I need to take an anti d for.

So I was searching the net on anti d's and why the heck can't I get off of the sh*t? Got land blasted by my dr.s, stated I was addicted to my pain pills, tramadol for crying out loud~I was using too much the past 3 months cuz, well, common sense here, the pain became increasingly worse and I can't take it. Pain in my foot, burning pain in my foot, can't walk but have to work 12 hour demanding shifts so I can pay these fools to abuse my mind this way!

Getting away here, I am on Paxil, the dr. had me up to 30 mgs and I basically worked (I work nights and knowing how I am this is really flippy, I don't like to lose my days and was very active, able to operate on 5 hours sleep and not feel like crap most of the time) like I was trying to put out there, on the 30 mgs of Pax I was going to work, eating then sleeping 10 hours a day, up to 14 on my days off. Great drug. It knocks u unconcious so you don't feel anything, your asleep~I want off!

I have been trying to wean myself off of the stuff. I am at 10 mgs now, been on the stuff for a good 7 months, understand I need to be patient but after 24 hours and the 10 mgs not in my system I feel wd's. I've read about brain zaps and didn't quite get it, NOW I DO! The only way to prevent them is to take the darn med! I guess my next decrease should be to 5 mgs, won't blow over well, I can just feel it!

I do think I am crazy, suffer from anxiety, ptsd, social anxiety, depression?(with all that's on my plate who wouldn't be?) and of course my illnesses., and now I'm here. Trying to find answers. Support. SOmeone who has gotten off of the anti d's please tell me how you did it! It's so ironic how I was not using my pain meds correctly, just ultram, baby aspirin, barely took the edge off, yet here I am on the most addictive of drugs on the market. An SSRI! Yeah, going to have a very long talk with my dr. this week and the complaint dept. at her office, which is of course her, for being ripped into by her nurse cuz I was asking for way too many pills and she didn't care that it costed me more money in copays. Literally said this. I get 30 pills and had I gotten my month supply I would have only spent 25.00 now I have an added 15.00 to boot on top of that., I'm thinking, wow, skip the dr. appt, another copay, and order the stuff online~in the end I would have broken even and wouldn't need my klonopin as much. Rambled enough. Looking forward to getting to know all of you, and searching the forums. I think this place rocks btw, the forums are just so funny, not that it is funny in a joking sense but just the way they are titled. Nailing the subject right on the head and it's ok to say it how it is. Awesome~

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Hi, glad you found this place.

Sorry I'm not up to addressing all your med concerns right now, on new meds myself which are killing the few remaining brain cells I had ;)

But wanted to welcome you to the board.

So, welcome!

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Hello and Welcome!

I'm weaning off Paxil too. Its taken me three weeks to get from 40 mg to 12.5 mg after being on it for several years--a real PITA. I hope you stop having brain zaps soon and that you're able to taper smoothly off.

CrazyBoards is a great place for advice and support. I look forward to seeing your posts.



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