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Stasis Returns,almost

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Everybody pretty much knows me

it's just a pleasure to be back

even temporarily,

I am not home yet

but will be soon,

damned rehab has no

internet station.

When all my brain cells

are co-operating,

I will be sharp as ever,


Take your fucking meds

or I'll personally shove them

down your throat or

the other oriface

So I feel introduced

Bite me!

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Hi Stasis,

Nice to hear from an old-timer.

I have just started dropping in more often myself as there for a while I was feeling fine. I have found a good indicator of my wellness is how much time I want to spend on CB. Lately it's been alot, not a good sign, but I'm in the middle of a med and diagnosis change (see below).

My advice is to play some Cohen and you'll be fine again!


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welcome back stasis-

I'm so glad that things seem to be going better for you,

and wanted to give you a hearty "YESSIR!" on the take your meds or else order,

this may be my new life motto "take your meds or else"


can't wait to hear more from you,


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