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people who honk in a traffic jam suck


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My wife is an extremely brilliant, high-strung person. I've long suspected she has asperger's or some such, but she is very intensely who she is...with amazingly sensitive hearing and dramatic response to sensory stimuli. Loud noise is physically painful to her.

So, the other day this guy right behind her started honking, with both his and her vehicles stuck in traffic at a light and unable to move forward. She knew the light wasn't going to change; the honking guy probably knew it wasn't about to change, this light just always backs up in the afternoon. So she got out of her truck, put both hands deep in the pockets of her baggy pants, and walked up to the guy's window with a slightly deranged little smile on her face.

She asked the guy "Can I help you?"

He got flustered and said "Oh, I was honking at the car ahead of you."

She said "But I'm right in front of you." Leaning forward, hands still thrust deeply into her pockets.

He said "You should get back in your car, you could get arrested."

So she asked "Are you a police officer?"

He flushed and spat out, " You could be arrested!"

She turned around and walked away, hands still in her pockets. The guy was so freaked he u-turned and fled in the opposite direction at a high rate of speed.

Ain't she a keeper?

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