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installing a router

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Could somebody tell me, step by step, very simply, how to install a wireless router?

I bought a refurbished one with no instruction manual. The CD that came with it is blowing my mind.


1. ethernet cable from wall outlet to>>_______

forgot to say:

Linksys wrt100

AT&T dsl modem.. which is actually Siemens Speedstream 4100b

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Could you post the make and model. That might help, though I don't know if it'd help me help you much. ;) But maybe someone here will have the same model and can help you through.

I can tell you that the cable from the wall should connect to the WAN port on your router. (see edit)

Now, does your router have LAN ports that can be connected to your computer? I realize that you bought it for wireless but I've found that sometimes, for setting the internal stuff in the router, it's best to do it while hardwired. But maybe that's just me and it's not really necessary.

Also, if you google your make and model you might find some instructions online, maybe even the manual.


I'm not thinking here. What kind of internet connection do you have? Either way, connect from your wall outlet to your modem, then the cable that would normally connect to your PC will now connect to the WAN port of your router.

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OK, I did understand the last paragraph.

As to your earlier paragraph, that's over my head.

I looked for a user manual, but you have to buy them. escrew that.

All my wires and crap are under this table and I keep hitting my head. argh!

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I was able to download the manual for free here:


You'll want to choose the "user guide". You will be prompted to enter your email address. You can use a bogus email address and it still works (if privacy is an issue for you).

I now have the manual saved to my computer and would have uploaded it here for you but the file size is much too large and exceeds the 1000K limit for uploads on this forum.

But you should be able to download it for yourself using that link.

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