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My Roomates Suck


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Great fucking day I'm having. Insanity?

-Everyone pulled every single item out of the refrigerator, pulled it outside and defrosted it

-Dry ice was somehow involved and ended up in the sink with water, causing our sink to overflow with that scary-movie smoke stuff

-The Sparkletts Water dude showed up unbeknownst to me and set up a water cooler

-It thunderstormed like the wrath of Satan for about 45 minutes and knocked out the cable

-I got yelled at for leaving laundry in the dryer

-I got yelled at for buying the same size boy's undershirts as my roomate's son, causing some sort of confusion, apparently

-I got yelled at for saying "I love you"

-I got made fun of for being an agoraphobic and social phobic who avoids strange people when they come into the house

-In the space of five minutes every single person in the house decided to pack their shit and leave for Las Vegas. and they did

-The neighbor came over and asked for the Thomas Guide

-When i told the neighbor that the Thomas Guide was on its way to Vegas, he asked me to look it up on the internet even through my not so subtle hints that i was fucking BUSY

-My neighbor the came back to pick up the MapQuest directions in which case I told him I can't look up an address that doesn't have a city or state attached to it, and isn't spelled correctly

-I looked up the fucking directions AGAIN and the paper jammed in the printer and I couldn't get it out, and so the neighbor only got the map portion and then bitched about it and made fun of my hair and my attitude

-I put a bowl of Spaghetti O's in the microwave about an hour ago and I've been too frazzled to go downstairs and eat them

-The cats started fighting in the room, and knocked the phone off the nightstand, whereas it CAME APART and the battery flew out, and I fixed it as best I could but I don't know how to turn it on and so I have no fucking PHONE

-The Gibson's in open D tuning and I can't fucking play it OR get it back into standard tuning

-I don't even have a FUCKING RAZOR to shave my FUCKING legs with

-I've already smoked nearly a pack of cigarettes since I woke up at 1 PM

-I've been completely abondoned by everyone I know

-I'm sick of hearing myself whine

-I have body odor because it's a thousand degrees and humid since the thunderstorm

-There are ANTS fucking ANTS everywhere.

And then I cried into my lukewarm bowl of "calcium added" plain Spaghetti O's. I suck the most!

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Big hug to you sweetie. Hell, even Hannibal Lechter doesn't deserve a day like that. For the people who were so mean to you, shame on them. You don't treat people that way, especially your friends. With that said, take the other problems one at a time. Get done what you can get done. The rest will certainly be there when you get ready. This is a definate do something for snail day. Even if it is buying a nice razor for your legs or go get a pack of ciggies.

I hope things improve for ya. At least you have the house to yourself!

Sondra ;)

Edited to change family to friends. Forgot these are roomates!

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Thank you! Things are better now, it was one of those moments where I felt just, overwhelmed and had to rant. ;) I DID shave my legs and had a very nice bath, and spent a *quiet* evening with my husband. It was nice. Thanks for your support and well-wishes, although you might want to send those vibes again...I'm not sure the ants heard you.....

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Guest soulshards not logged

pukettios!  ;)   yucky

that is the only problem with throwing the phone, also. parts come off and dont go back on.

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