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Going back on the cocktail for preventative measure

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Not sure if this is the right spot for this. Also, I know this is a conversation best left to have with my psychiatrist, but I like the input/experience sharing/kick in the ass I get from here.

I have some big changes coming up in my life, and I'm afraid that they're going through me in a mood tailspin. I'm on Lamictal to take care of the depressive side of things, but right now it's keeping me close to but not quite stable. Maybe. I don't know what the hell is going on with my mood. Anyway. I'm having a baby and moving one month before I have said baby. I know that moving right around the time you have a baby is bad news regardless of the presence of mental issues, but I'm not comfortable having a young child in this house for any period of time and I feel that we need to move. We might be purchasing our next place of residence and the places in our price range that aren't in shady neighborhoods require some elbow greese - which adds to the stress.

I'm generally OK now, I think. I'm afraid that I won't be later on. I don't want to "talk myself into" an episode or end up interpreting normal stress as symptoms, but I really don't want to get depressed/manic/whatever. Being ill kind of sucks, plus I'm going to have a few more responsiblities and I feel like I need to keep my shit together.

Is it worth talking to my psychiatrist about premptively getting back on my original meds (or something similar)? Has anyone done this? Any other suggestions?

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I apologize that I dont remember fetus development. at the end its everything getting bigger...as im sure you are experiencing.

since there is sooooo much stress - you'll definitely have to talk to pdoc and make sure obgyn is on board.

as for moving to a new place...the first thing i think of is lead paint. thats the "mother" in me coming out.

wishing you much peace in these last weeks...


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