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Not sure where I belong

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Hello to all.

The reason I'm posting here is because I have no idea where this post belongs. I was diagnosed bipolar 2 but also have psychotic symptoms as well as smatterings of other stuff, such as eating disorder and panic disorder. I'm currently on Tegretol, Abilify, and Ativan. Has anyone out there ever heard of anything like me/know anything about the interactions of the drugs that I'm on that I might not know about?

Help would be greatly appreciated.



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I have several diagnoses as well.  I usually post issues relating to each in the board most applicable, but you'll also notice that people will post crossover issue in the one for their main diagnosis.  Moderators are really good and nice about moving them if you guess wrong.  For drugs, each class, like anticonvulsants (tegretol), benzos (ativan) and atypical APs (abilify), has their own board, so you can post specific questions there.  If you have a question about adding to your cocktail or wanting to compare, there's a board for that too (cocktails and polypharmacy), which also has the interactions checkers pinned at the top.

See you around!

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