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I've been posting on the boards for support (this reintroduction to the mental health world has kind of thrown my world out of whack), but I figured that it would help to post a quick introduction. For non-MH stuff...I'm currently trying to struggle my way through grad school...not fun when in the middle of an "episode," but I'm so close to graduation and have such great support that it might work out. When I'm not trapped in this muck, I love music of all different sorts, reading (mostly mysteries), and outdoors things--hiking in particular, but most things that get me outside. I'm in a fairly long-term relationship that has recently hit some rockiness (in part because of the MH stuff, but in part just because the length has led to some commitment-related questions), but might pull through.

I appreciate the help that I've gotten on here so far...and I love the attitude. I didn't realize it was possible to have the nice combination of knowledgeable, honest, supportive, and yet not filled with thousands of e-hugs, trigger warnings, and such things.

My signature has the general basics on the current diagnosis confusion, which is causing me a lot of uncertainty and I really don't like this whole attempt to try to figure out what medication works. The ups and downs that come with the illness are scary. It feels like trying to fight the unknown with a set of tools that might be appropriate if we guess right. My one prior episode was clearly just depression (about 7 years ago) and went into a wonderful remission that led me to think that I had "major depressive disorder, single episode." That, and the fact that a few family members had gone through a single episode and recovered, led me to try to go off medication...and when I got off and had something traumatic happen, I ended up in my current mess.

Anyway, this is getting long enough...but I truly appreciate all the help I've gotten so far and hope that once I reach a more stable point I can help others more.


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Hi dance and Welcome to CB!

not fun when in the middle of an "episode," but I'm so close to graduation and have such great support that it might work out.
Its great to hear that you have a good support network. As you already know, that helps tremendously.

I look forward to reading more of your posts.



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Thanks for the welcomes. Phoenix, I am truly grateful for the supportive people (tdoc, pdoc, boyfriend mostly, a few friends who have been down this path with other friends before). The reason I sought out a place like CB, though, was that i'm not comfortable talking about the mental health stuff with some of my friends...I just don't know if they'd get it. When I feel so out of sorts and feel like I'm making such little sense about what I'm experiencing/feeling/etc., it's hard to talk someone who hasn't had some of the thoughts, feelings, and confusion before.

mrsmaz--it does seem like a lot. at times, grad school seems like too much--but most of hte time, it feels like it's something that helps give me stability because it makes me go some place (class) and do some things (homework) on a regular basis. i'm so close that it hurts to give up at this point. so i'm trying to just do what i can and make it through.

thank you both :-)

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Let me join the others in welcoming you to CrazyBoards. I think it's great to have this place for the same reason you cited: too many of our real-life friends just don't get it. Everyone here gets it, that's for sure!

Read the rules if you haven't done so already--it avoids problems down the road. And please PM me or any of the mods if you have a question.


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