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*a tall blue police box materialises in the Forums*

*door opens, and Tenthdoctor peers out*

Hello...I'm the Doctor. Well, one of them, anyway. You can call me Ten if you like.

I'm here at the recommendation of someone called "b3ck" who was a PLM(my other forum) member, she thought it would be good for me to check this place out.

Now, the real reason I suppose I'm here is because I'm a loony and I'm proud. I don't mean simply of being a loony, no, though I don't find that anything to be ashamed of either. It is what it is, a part of me, and so I'm no more ashamed of it than I am any other part of me....although, having a dash of BDD myself, that's probably not the best analogy. Moving on!

I have severe OCD, or should I say, it has me. For 20 years now I've known the joy of unlucky numbers, matched sets, being ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN I've looked at every drop of punctuation on the pages of a book, the creeping terror of realising belatedly that I Did That Wrong and Now I'm Fucked...well, I could go on, but I think you already know the rest. For example, I desperately need grocery shopping done, but on Sundays, the store is contaminated. No groceries for me!

I also have trichitillomania and dermatillomania, aka the Universe doesn't want me to have nice hair OR skin apparently, and a few years ago Dysthymia came to visit and stayed. Dysthymia is a dreadful travelling companion - it never wants to go anywhere, or do anything, it's just mopey and low all the time and frankly, sometimes I think it's literally sucking the life out of me; so now I also travel with my good friends Synthroid, Cytomel and Sertraline. It's getting really crowded in here...

Anyway, *flashes psychic paper* that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Hello!

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Hello, Doctor. Welcome to the Nut House. We have a bed prepared for you right over here in the OCD ward. It is certified sterile and the sheets have been put on it in an absolutely symmetrical fashion.

I'm glad you're here and that your friend told you about us. Please take a look at the rules when you have time---reading them will probably answer some questions about how we function. The mods display varying levels of crankiness, but go ahead and PM one of us if you have a concern.


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Welcome to CB, Ten. Look forward to seeing you around :)

My sole Doctor Who exposure consists of a music video on YouTube. I really like to listen to this song by Carbon Leaf, and the only copy on YouTube is placed to a video of Doctor Who. So I guess I'm just uncultured that way ;)

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