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Losing weight while taking ADs

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OK, big drawback of my current med, Clomipramine, is that it seems to certainly hinder any weight loss.

I'm a bit of a big lad, so need to lose weight for health reasons mainly. I'm 5ft8in and weigh about 16st 7 lbs (231lbs) which make my BMI over 35 which is classed as borderline morbidly obese.

My doc has given me Orlistat/Xenical before but I didnt really get on with that. Those who've tried it know what I mean when I say its a bit icky....

As far as I know, the only other one in the UK is sibutramine/meridia/reductil. I've looked into this and it seems you cant take while on MAOIs but what about other ADs (specifically TCAs like clomipramine) ? Any ideas? Yes, I know I will need to talk to my doctor, I plan to, but I like to have some idea of what I'm talking about beforehand.

Also, whats Phentermine? Is this available in the UK at all?

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