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I'm sorry to say this but I had a bad experience with Moban. It caused hallucinations and increased "psychotic" symptoms in me. It is true that I react differently to meds because of my autism though. And it turns out it interacts with half the psych meds I'm on so that is probably why I had that side effect. My pdoc should know better! Before the Moban I didn't hallucinate that often, maybe a few times a week. Now I'm hallucinating all the time (mainly visuals believe it or not) but when he increased it I started hearing voices as well. Of course, he reduced it back down to a low level. Tomorrow I am seeing my pdoc (it was originally going to be March 30th but I can't stand hallucinating all the time) to change meds. I also take Invega and that causes side effects as well. That's all I get with the pills are the side effects and hardly any benefit.

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