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newbie to these forums

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Just a note to say hello.

I have profound psychological issues, which affect my mood, my communication, and my interactions.

I used to work for twenty years in various jobs, but got sacked from many due to manifestation of symptoms, and inability to cope with pressure and workplace politics.

I am friendly, but can be socially anxious.

I have had a whoe plethora of head meds, with various problematic side effects.

I have had addiction issues.

Now that I have not got the pressure of work, I have had to make major adjustments to my life to accomodate myself financially, with a small pension, and a little help, gratefullly received from the state.

I also get help from local charities, such as food and general support.

Although I do not perform cutting, I do have self destructive outbursts of rage turned inwards.

I was admitted to hospital with suspected drug induced psychosis, but when they couldnt find any psychotic phenomena, they still enabled me to stay, as I was highly aggitated and a risk to myself and others, so I needed observation till the risk passed.

I am doing really well with tackling my addictions, and the falls seem to be getting less.

I see my issues with drugs and alchohol as symptoms of my psychological state, rather than the cause.

I dont enjoy drugs when they start to harm anyway, but the addiction is due to unmet needs in infancey and childhood. (no blame to anyone)

I take diazepam, strictly at doctors discretion. This enables me to go out to do the necessaries like grocery, bills, doctors and dentist appointments. Diazepan blocks out the overwhelming feelings of my condidtion, without the differing weird and scary side effects from other types of anti depressand and anxiety. I can only take valium on certain days, as I do not want a physical habit, and I find it only works for 2 to 3 days anyway.

I come from a dysfunctional background, but again, no blame.

I will be quiet for now, and just wanted to give you a bit of info about myself.

I will make other posts, so we will all get to know each other a bit better.

Glad to have stumbled across these forums.

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