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Video Card Recommendations

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I wanted to get a video card for my computer to play some games I have bought.  I need, according to the maker of my motherboard, Foxconn, an 8X AGP card.  They cannot advise me on what to purchase but it must be 8X.

There are alot of companies that use the same chip and I was looking for some advise on a good company and chip, under $100.00.

Any opinions will be much appreciated.

Thank you,


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Make sure you know

which chipset runs

on your motherboard

My ASUS has SiS

I needed different drivers

FSB speed,power considerations

your processor specs

just installing an AGP

based on $$

can be a pain

in the PC

Newegg is great

I prefer ATI also

They ship fast

never had a problem

Be clean




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