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newbie with 1st time akathisia!

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This is my first post, so bear with me. I recently tried to switch from seroquel to geodon- only took it 2 days. Think I got akathesia but also had a severe panic.same day. Stayed hyper for days. pdoc thinks it wouldn't have been days if it was the meds.

Fast forward to this week. pdoc suggest a second attempt. its happening again- i'm agitated, restless, also feel kind of sick. Last night I was in a ridiculously good mood ( this happened on first try too- could it be inducing mania even though i'm MDD not BP?  I'm going crazy!!! ( yeah i know, not such a far trip). But this is awful!!

Please any experience, suggestions or support greatly appreciated. (btw took 1mg ativan -didn't have much effect.)

Thanks mrsloony

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Hi- thanks for the responses.  yes lots of others- i am a walking pharmacy! but i gather many of us feel that way.




levoxyl (thyroid)



and now geodon in place of seroquel ( i was too sedated so we were trying to wake me up a little but this is ridiculous!!)

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