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Hi everybody!,

I'm a brand snob...

They actually had to do a manufacturer backorder which takes

like 3 months. Usually, I only have to wait a day for them to get brand.

So I settled for generic this time

All of my meds are brand except for the most recent one Remeron.

I really hope it's not placebo that this med is working so well ;)

the Mfg. is Apotex

the pill is a small oval pill with APO on one side and MI 15 on the other.


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I've never heard anyone talk about problems with generic Remeron. I also lurk on CrazyMeds, and I've never heard anything there either, and they have a really good handle on the brand v. generic stuff.

I take generic Remeron myself - it worked and then it crapped out. I think it was just a property of the drug itself, though. I don't believe it was because it was generic.

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