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Transposing words - is it ADHD or bipolar?

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I have had the problem all my life of transposing words without awareness of what I've said, and I'm wondering if this could be both my ADHD and bipolar?

Anyone else do this to excess? It sure can make one feel foolish! I am just not a hyperactive person and never have been, and I haven't been to a dr who will diagnose me because I can't see the point of it.


Adult ADD Symptom Test:

If you experience more than 10 points on this adult ADD self symptom test, Attention Deficit Disorder is likely present.

_ An internal sense of anxiety

_ Impulsive spending habits

_ Frequent distractions during sex

_ Frequently misplace the car keys, your purse or wallet or other day-to-day items

_ Lack of attention to detail

_ Family history of ADD, learning problems, mood disorders or substance abuse problems

_ Trouble following the proper channels or chain of commands

_ An attitude of "read the directions when all else fails"

_ Frequent traffic violations

_ Impulsive job changes

_ Trouble maintaining an organized work and/or home environment

_ Chronically late or always in a hurry

_ Frequently overwhelmed by tasks of daily living

_ Poor financial management and frequent late bills

_ Procrastination

_ Spending excessive time at work due to inefficiencies

_ Inconsistent work performance

_ Sense of underachievement

_ Frequent mood swings

_ Trouble sustaining friendships or intimate relationships

_ A need to seek high stimulation activities

_ Tendency toward exaggerated outbursts

_ Transposing numbers, letters, words

_ Tendency toward being argumentative

_ Addictive personality toward food, alcohol, drugs, work and/or gambling.

_ Tendency to worry needlessly and endlessly

_ "Thin-skinned" - having quick or exaggerated responses to real or imagined slights.

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What is your definition of "to excess?"  I realize I've done it around five or more times each day -- is that normal, or is that excessive?  Certainly anything indicating I'm unintelligent or foolish is something I dislike, but does is that sufficient grounds for me to pathologize said behavior? 

I'm more talking about myself than anyone else, as always.  Also, I'm somewhat suspicious of my own skills of self-analysis and observation after having scored more than 20 on the checklist you've posted.  Is that normal for someone with ADD, or is that score suspiciously high? 

It's 3 AM.  I've been sorting photographs in my parents' living room for three hours.  I can't remember my crazyboards password and will thus kick myself later when I want to come back and edit this post into sensibility but can't.  I'm clicking the "add reply" button now.


P.S.  As you've probably read by now in your ADD research, it is possible to be hella deficient in one's attention management skills and not display hyperactivity.  Call it ADHD without hyperactivity, ADD, adult ADD, ADD inattentive... it's a disorder from the same family of wonky attention skills. 

If you don't see a point, then don't bother.  Carry on with whatever has worked for you in the past, and see if you can make non-stim-related changes to further improve your life.  If you need it declared for insurance purposes, though, or other financial/governmental/whatever reasons, or if you do come to want to attempt pharmacological treatment for ADD, you know where your pdoc is.  If necessary, I would hope he/she would be able to refer you.

Okay, NOW I'm clicking the button.

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There's quite a bit of variety in what symptoms people seem to have with ADD. I've been diagnosed. I get around a 10 on your test, but then I made it to age 45 before getting a dx. Not that my career has been anything to write home about, except for its ups and downs. I was never hyperactive, except maybe as a kid when I'd tap my feet involuntarily.

I see some good points in getting diagnosed:

-stimulants are not the whole story, but they really help. My social skills are much better when I take the stuff, for instance

-a therapist who knows their stuff about ADD can be quite helpful

(I guess due to the above combination, I was able to keep my car and room fairly neat for 6 weeks before my recent move. I hope to attain this again indefinitely soon, as I depressurize from moving. My car isn't too bad right now. If you knew me, you'd know this was progress!)

I don't remember where you're from, but I've found a support group can be quite helpful. Just meeting other people with similar problems makes mine seem a bit less imaginary.

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Your test scared the shit out of me - I'm diagnosed MDD and was only reading the ADHD stuff for my dauther who's diagnosed adhd and obviously hyper...but I hit plenty more than 10 on your scale.  I'll add it my journal to discuss with as yet nonexistent tdoc.

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I turn words into number sequences, by counting letters. When I was 12 this got so bad that I couldn't read novels for personal enjoyment for at least a year, and then it took some time to force myself to stop it, or ignore it. I still remember the novel I got stuck in, Valley of the Horses by Jean Auel. I still do it occasionally, but have learned to continue on reading anyhow.


Forgetful = 1-2-3-2-1

Hyperactivity = 2-3-2-1-2-3 (I've gone over all the options, and can't find anything satisfactory. This feels incomplete and random).

Example = Nothing! Seven letter words SUCK. I often get stuck (reading-wise) on these awkward letter-count words. I could do 1-2-1-2-1 but that just ticks me off. Not good enough.

If it's a sign or billboard, like, say, starbucks coffee, I'll do the phrase. I like this particular one, cause it's 5-4-3-2-1. Nice.  :)

Anyone else out there crazy like me?  ;)

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I turn words into number sequences, by counting letters.

You'd probably enjoy anagrams or numerology, then. Check out the google group, alt.anagrams. They are true so often that it's scary. I have an anagram software program and it freaks me out so much I try to stay away from using it.

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So I am new.  And the board seems over the top....so here goes.


My sister is bipolar and my grandmothere was schizophrenic.  I know the territory well enough.  I am posting because I found the post on transposing words.


I have a 10 year old who transposes words still.  He has a mild traumatic brain injury.  My wife and I have spent a good bit of time and money sorting it out...a variety of "professionals" labelled him many things.  ADHD, autistic, etc.


So if your gut tells you were not diagnosed correctly, consider TBI.  It looks like PTSD, ADHD and other things.  It also caused hearing and vision issues with him.  Which is why he transposes letters sometimes.


But I gotta say there are ways to help.  Especially for younger people. 


Best to you all...whatever you are drinking....



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Steve, respectfully I would request that you read the rules again, specifically the part where it says Crazyboards is a first-person site. Is this about you? If yes - perfect! Jump right in! Is this about a friend, co-worker, or family member? Nope. Not here. Move on along to NAMI.


That having been said, if you do have mental health concerns of your own, you are welcome to discuss those here. I would also suggest other organizations that have more resources for family and friends, such as NAMI or SAMSHA.

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