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Meds making me useless but I HAVE to get going

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Man oh man!

I just started taking Tegretol during the day as well as at nigth. I simply CANNOT get off the damn couch...nausea, 3 hour naps, etc...absolutely no energy. But then, I was pretty mellow even on just the before bed pill; I would rarely get up before noon.

Problem is, I have to move out (I gave my notice to my landlord while in full mania a few weeks ago; recanted, did it agin, now he wants me OUT! someone else is supposed to move in). So I have to pack up, call the movers, clean up etc. And no. I dont have anyone who would help.

So what do you do in such a situation? Buy caffeine pills? Cut down on meds? Induce hypomania (I figure some coke and a nigth up may do it...but of course that would be stupid, stupid!)

Hell, any tips?

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Dude, I'm with you- I just moved and it took a lot out of me, dealing with friends, relatives, and impersonal people to whom I handed checks.

Honestly, breathe deeply in bathrooms when you need a break.

That sounds trite but it worked wonders for me.

Also, remember, if if it is pooped, your body is smarter than you know- it will only collapse when you are ALMOST done ;)

Good luck, really and truly- when you are done you will be that much more relaxed and you can nap off all that Tegretol (I am on that as well)...


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