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Need to taper of 3mg Klonopin bedtime dose

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I've browsed about tapering off benzos but I'm not taking Valium and also I had to quit adderall cold turkey

So: How to... klonopin 3mg at bedtime

I've tried doing 1/2 dose at night and it's not going so good

Any suggestions

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Try 2 mg a night for a week, then 1mg a night for a week, then .5 mg a night for a week, then off.

If starting off at 2 is too shocking, try 2.5, then 2, then 1.5, then 1, then .5. Don't decrease the dose any fewer than 4-5 days apart, because the half-life of klonopin is like 35 hours.

I don't know why you cold turkey'd off the ADD med, but it's not too advisable, ya know? I'd advise the plan b step down on the klono to give your body a break from the withdrawal symptoms.

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why are you doing this?


I was ready for a second opinion. I had already contacted a new Pdoc... I haven't been stable (crying, mood swings, insomnia, restlessness, death wishes) since I remember, not even after Dx'd and Rx'ed, quit drinking....

I was now on Lithium, Wellbu, Klonop, Adderall, and Estazolam. The only help I felt where from the addictive ones. (d-amphet. & benzos).

After a crisis last weekend, (2 ERs, my doc MIA + almost got 5150)

Last Monday I got a call for an appointment with a doc I'd called, she specializes in adults.

So went for a second opinion. I have not been stable for years when she heard what I was taking she was quite alarmed. Said it was a lethal cocktail. Bipolar II on adderall, Wellbutrin and benzos.

I told her to re-screen me because I know that BP and ADHD could be concomitant but rarelly so, and difficult to medicate as well.

I told her I realized I had a problem a few years ago, but I also realized that I had been living with these problems ever since I remember.

She asked if anytime since 17 y/o I had been manic for two weeks without influences, and I told her I've always been on something mainly on caffeine, mary j & alcohol, ALWAYS on either or all of the above.

So she said that there could be a possibility I wasn't BP. She asked me if there had been alcholism in my parents or other relatives (this tends to be a commonplace in ADHD, ADD's) I said not that I knew of.

She kept trying to figure out why would I get my ADHD, and asked if I was premature I said yes, umbilical cord tangled about neck 3x at 6 1/2 months. She said that could be it. She said I really need therapy I have 20+ years of issues to work out. She showed me some pics of brains and said that drugs like Adderall and Benzos I couldn't have because of a highly addictive behavior. She figures I have strong personality issues to work and that she doesn't believe in over medicating her patients, much less for life.

She read my auto eval sheet and said I should be in a hospital, that I canno't live like this.

She asked if I was ready to make some CHANGES, work hard, follow through and accept the consequences. I said yes.

Her goal is to get me to a stable place, get used to it and once my psyhcological health has been dealth with, figure out whether I have BD, BP, ADD ADHD or what.

So she keeps the Lithium, and Wellbutrin, only changing when I take them, and added Celexa, kicked Adderall and told me to tapper off the Benzos....( she gave me a list of things to do: no sabotage, no alcohol, exercise 5x week, see a psychologist ASAP, and weekly, she said I should only need to see her once a month, not two or three times like I had to go to my other Pdoc.)

Anyway the story is even longer but I said more than enough.


I'm freaking out. And I was on adderall for two months only (I only needed it for school, my job doesn't require to sit, or do the same thing for more than 10 minutes, even less) on the benzos since September.

Right now I feel EXTREMELY ANXIOUS, the thought of doing homework makes me cry, at night worsens....

I feel agitated...... Scared.

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