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Clomipramine/Anafranil - forgetting to take it :-(

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Been on Clomirpramine for a few months now and found it to be very good indeed. However, I've found that there are a few things about it.

If I miss a dose, even for just one day, it knocks me right back down again for a few days. Is this possible? I know there are some drugs (I remember effexor) which its not a good idea to miss a dose but not as bad as this surely?

Bit worrying that my mood is so dependant on my drug intake...:-(

Also, alcohol. Another equally bad idea. Seems to nullify the good effects in the same way.....

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From your description, the answer is yes. You can't miss a day of your meds or drink without feeling like shit afterwards. Some of it could be withdrawal more than your mood actually plummeting, if that makes sense, but no matter what, it seems like you're pretty clear on what happens when you drink or miss a dose. When I miss Lamictal, I feel like shit (mostly physically) within hours. When I went off of Wellbutrin a couple weeks ago, I had a few pretty bad days until my body recalibrated itself.

Here's another thing. You've only been on the medication for a few months. It's very likely that down the road you can discontinue the drug more easily as your body and mind get acclimated to being healthy. In other words, you may not always be this dependent on meds. I'm pulling this out of my ass a little bit, but my experience has been that the longer I'm stable the more resilient I am with med changes.

You are dependent on your drug intake right now. That might not be forever. For those of us who are "lifers," it's just something you (should) learn to expect. I don't know your exact history, but if you've had more than 1 depressive episode, there's a lot of good argument out there for not going off of your medication even if you've been stable for a long period of time.

Yes it sucks to have to be on meds. But we also have to eat and drink everyday, go to the bathroom, wear appropriate clothing... It's just one more thing that helps you stay alive. You can also think of it in terms of any other chronic illness. Diabetes is a good one. You have to make both healthy lifestyle changes and take your meds/insulin to stay healthy. Having a chronic illness sucks. But you can't wish it away. You just do what keeps you healthy.

Good luck and take care of yourself. It's wonderful that you're doing well. Take your meds, try not to worry about them, and enjoy life. It's a blessing.


Cheers for the advice...

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