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OCD, depression, and past eating disorder question

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I'm not sure if my doc has any idea what he's doing in terms of prescribing me stuff.  I'm on 150 mg of Wellbutrin and 50 mg of Fluvoxamine (in the past I've also tried Lexapro, Cymbalta, and Adderall...which tore up my stomach and gave me massive gastrointestinal problems).  Wellbutrin (for the depression, Lexapro and Cymbalta made me feel like a complete vegetable...no ups or downs...just stagnant) is widely known to be dangerous for someone with an eating disorder because it causes weight loss, which DID happen.  Also, doesn't Wellbutrin exacerbate OCD?  But I'm also taking the generic form of Luvox for my OCD (associated with my past eating disorder and anxiety).  The US doesn't manufacture anything but the generic for some reason.  Anyway, my question is...doesn't this seem a little counter-productive?  Especially since I still feel depressed?  Fluvoxamine works for the OCD though.  And here's the kicker, I want to go back on Adderall because even though it gave me not-so-fun side-effects, I actually felt happier and very much less lethargic.  But the thing is, according to what I've read, it's really dangerous to mix Adderall and Fluvoxamine.

OK, long paragraph.  I don't expect answers, but just any suggestions from people who might know more than I do about these drugs and their effects/interactions.  Thanks in advance!

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you might want to try asking your question in the med forums about ssri's or cocktails/polypharmacy because you're dealing with a more selective audience in the ocd forum.  that said i'll add my two cents which will really be about worth two cents. 

i have very limited experience with wellbutrin.  i was on it for about a week but i was getting horrible headaches so i stopped.  i was adding it to 20 mg of lexapro which like you said made me feel pretty stagnant.  i'm not sure i understand your situation as well as i could though.  how long have you been on the wellbutrin?  is it making your depression any better?  and 50 mg of luvox is a pretty low dose.  the normal for ocd is about 200 up to 300 mg.  i was on 200 mg for awhile but that's about as high as i could go on it.  wellbutrin can exacerbate ocd if it makes your anxiety worse - but i guess it depends on what your symptoms are, and whether that potential increased anxiety sets off your ocd.  i'd say that's a slightly imbalanced ratio though if your primary problem is ocd, you might want more luvox.

i'm not sure what year they stopped making the brand name, it was at least a couple of years ago.  i think solvay (the original brand name manufacturer if i remember my pill bottles from years past) just realized it couldn't market it well enough in the u.s.  or maybe their patent ran out.  either way it sucks, because i think i did better during the years i had the brand name, but maybe it was just a coincidence that it seemed less effective to me by the time i realized i was taking generic.

so i guess that doesn't really answer any of your questions.  i guess it all depends on what you need relief for the most - the depression or the ocd, and what med you think will help out the most.  if 50 mg of luvox helps your ocd, i'd say that's pretty good becuase normally it takes a lot more. 

either way i'd read jerod's page about luvox:  http://www.crazymeds.us/luvox.html

especially if you're taking wellbutrin, and you add caffeine because that could be WAY too much dopamine.  that's the only thing i disliked about luvox - the caffeine interaction.  it actually felt really good before i knew anything about it, but i think its one of the things that did me mroe damage over time.  stay away from the caffeine though if you're taking wellbutrin and luvox.

and again i'd encourage you to ask the same questions on the medicine boards, either the ssri's, the snri or the cns stimulant ones. 


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