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VT: Same-Sex Marriage Legalized

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Vermont Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage!

whoooo Vermont! I love this state so much sometimes...we were the first to have civil-unions and I remember going to a few small celebrations/ceremonies for couples we knew then..but this..this is just freaking awesome :)

and about time.

we're the 4th in the country to legalize it but the first to do so with a vote from the legislature instead of having it come form the courts.

I'd put this in Gay/Lesbian/Bi/etc.Issues forum, but I think this is a great step for all of us, and I'll be very happy to attend the weddings of a few friends come September...

it's just too bad it didn't come along sooner for a few people ;) I know a woman who would have been in tears with happiness yesterday if she was still around, but I guess she's happy and knows and is jumping for joy where ever she is, right?

yay green mountain state!


ps- heres the NYTimes link, the link at the top of this post is our local paper which had better detail, imo.

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Hooray!!! I am so happy for Vermont!!! I hate that change comes slow, but I love that it's happening!

I wish my state was not so damn conservative. I love my state's culture and tradition, but I just hate how closed-minded people are. I live in Texas, so it's not likely it will change here anytime soon...

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