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Nope. been on it 5 years.

The PI sheet says palpitations are frequent (>1 in 100) and Tachycardia is infrequent (1 in 100 to 1 in 1000).

This is worth a call to your pdoc for directions tomorrow. He needs to know about this immediately.

If before you can get hold of your pdoc you experience breathlessness, irregular heartbeat or chest pain you should consider going to the ER.

Don't quit Cymbalta cold turkey on your own, you will feel very crappy.

Don't panic. It's good to know that cymbalta is working so well. I don't have the experience to say what you pdoc will do. Perhaps a lower dose may be all thats needed.

Let us know what works out. Hope you feel better soon.

a.m. ;)

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