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Hey, i stumbled on to this forum by mistake and it seems like an exceptionaly useful place to join, as there is medication infomation and support group stuff which is pretty cool.

My story in a nutshell... Was never a happy teen, self harm and substance abuse, but never thought to seek treatment and no one thought i needed treatment because i was coping ok, ie doing well at school holding a job etc etc etc. Then i finished high school and took a big liking to more substances and alachol until i finally crashed, after a series of events at the age of 19 and seeked help. i was clean for a long time and went to the GP and got treatment for Depression from my GP. He put me on some antidepressents (trial and error) and finally effexor "worked" at 300mg. I was functional for a 1.5 years and then lost it and ended ep in a pschyiatric hospital at the age of 21. spent 5 weeks in hospital anf walked out with a diagnosis of Dysthmyia, current MDD and Cluster B personality traits and medicated up to my ears on an SSRI (Prozac), Seroquel and Sodium Valporate and Benzos.

I left un prepared and obvioulsy un diagnosed as i ended up back in the hospital 4 weeks later after another 'break down'. This time i as taken of the prozac and put on to an NRI (Endronax), more seroquel, more benzos and more Valpro and a new fun diagnosis of Cyclothymia, MDD recurrent and Borderline personality Disorder. These Diagnosis are exceptionaly confusing to me, but i dont actually care about what label they give me, i just want to get better.

After the last hospital stay, when they factored in a prsonality disorder i was reffered to a wonderful phscyologist who has been doing schema work whith me as well as some DBT and CBT.

I was doing extremely well after i got out of hospital in March this year, but unfortunaly i am currently undergoing another med change as all my hair fell out due to the sodium valporate, So my docter has decided to switch me to lamactil. Thetransition is turning out to be a bumby ride but hoepfuly it will all work out smoothly.

I am a uni student doing neuroscience, physiology and a small amount of reproductive biology, but i am currently not studying due to all the fun i have been having.

So there is my introduction, really long. Hope everyone is doing well and i hope to become an active member of these forums.



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Hi, and welcome to CrazyBoards. When you have time, read the rules just to say you've done it! And be sure to check out our blog section and chat, if you feel bloggy or chatty.

I'm glad you found us. Please PM any of the moderators if you have a question.


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hey goldcoin,

welcome to CB-- glad you found us ;)

jump right in. my favorite 'feature' is the 'view new posts' button up top since it makes it pretty easy to keep up with the ongoing conversations without having to poke around.

I hope the lamictal ends up being good for you, it's been a life-saver for me and has quite a few devotees whom it's helped around here.

seeya around the boards,


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I'm studying physiology too (also not really getting anything done right now). Looks like we have a couple flavors of crazy in common.

Welcome to CB ;) Look forward to seeing you around.


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