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Help with paying for Prestiq!

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Just saw my doc today and we decided to keep me on pristiq (all major side effects have passed and I am doing fairly well on it..). She gave me a card thing that you activate and it gets you 50% off your co payment for pristiq for the entire length of your treatment! There are some restrictions ( I don't think you can use it if you have medicare/medicaid, tricare etc...or if you live in ma.). I've been getting samples for the past month so I haven't had to pay for pristiq YET. I have CDPHP for health insurance and am assuming that since there is no generic I will probably have a $40 copay each month. But with this card I guess I will only be paying $20!!! I haven't filled the perscription yet because I still have samples but will let you all know how much it will be costing with this discount card. I'm not sure how it works if you don't have insurance though. Just wanted to pass this on because from other posts I've read it seems that a lot of people are having a difficult time paying for this med since it is so expensive! Also on the pristiq web site there is a cupon that you can print out that gives you a free 30 day supply (when you hand in your perscription). So for those of you that find pristiq works for you I would ask your doctor about this! Hope this helps ;)

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