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lamictal + valium effect

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Guest fed-up

Finally last year I realized that when I take the 100mg A.M lamictal & 100mg 3 hours apart I didn't get the blurred eye issue. Took the rest 200 @ night as alwasy. Well, After the last hospital trip she decided to put 100mg's more on the lamictal even though I told her what would happen. Well it did. After about a week the vision started. Dropped 50mg's & for almost 4 wks it was bearable. Yesterday, the A.M. had the eyes messed up for almost 3 hrs. & worse than they had been when I bitched about the 500mg. Of course, it was the same crap this A.M. I take .5 valium most A.M.'s. Could it be that "all of a sudden" the valium is playing w/ the lamictal, or the lamictal did finally kick in? She said that it can take a month for the lamictal to get in the system. I do find that sometimes the .5 valium is not enough, so more is used obviously.

Needless to say, back to 400mg.

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