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I am Helen. 4 months off being the magic 25.

I have Aspergers, Depression with Hypomanic episode which cycles every couple of hours, more time depressed than anything, Anxiety, IBS, Wheat/Gluten problems (possibly celiac).

I live with my 4 Guineas, Blaze, Cinder, Flame and Spark. I get monthly visits from a parent for a weekend, and 12 hrs support a week.

Currently in the process of switching anti-depressant medications.

I am also addicted to the internet.

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Welcome! This board will only fuel your internet addiction. It certainly does fuel mine! ;)

I keep saying I need to see if I can give the internet up for a few days... but I keep putting it off because I know I can't!

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I'm addicted to the internet, have gluten issues [though not Celiac] and am an Aspie too.

We actually have a section for allergies and such issues. It's kind of slow but there are some good topics that have been started there and some of it is info on various foods and recipes.

Welcome to CB!

If you have any problems, questions, concerns, feel free to pm one of the mods or admins.


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Welcome to Crazyboards. It's a wonderful place full of kind and generous people with a wealth of knowledge and insight between them all. I'm sure you'll find it great here.

Guineas are wonderful creatures - I used to have one but he died last year at a fairly ripe old age.

As for the internet addiction...welcome to the club! ;):) Though I'm trying to keep away from Amazon at the moment after a manic spending spree that has maxed out my credit cards...oops :)

Look forward to hearing more from you.


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