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My "roommate's" bitchy gf sucks


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I pretty much live at my boyfriend's house. My roommate is a complete and utter biatch and I feel uncomfortable there. I pay for part of the water every month and threw in rent money this past month bc of money issues they were all having. BF's roommate... C has a gf K I dislike... a lot. Let me explain about this first:

C has an ex-gf, B who is bipolar and has been the victim of abuse and rape before. C and B were engaged at one point, but he broke up with her this past summer. I met C after they were broken up and became friends with him. I then met B and found out she's a great person and became friends with her as well. She is unfortunately extremely fragile however and is no longer on any meds, she's trying to beat it herself (which I worry about). C met K around Novemeber of last year. They hit it off and started dating. I liked K at first, she seemed nice enough. Then C dumped K. She was really upset about it because she had been "falling in love" she said. K and B cried together over C and became friends. Well, after this, K came over to the house EVERY weekend. She made herself extremely availiable and C and K got back together. The night after, BF and I went to hookah with K. She sent B a text message that was like "OMG GIRL I HAVE THE BEST NEWS EVER!!" I was like... idk if that's the best way to go about it, (B is still somewhat in love with C, or at least the stability he presented and K knows this). She was like "I'm not going to sugar coat things for her about C and I." "That's fine, but you don't have to put things like that." She then texted B "C asked for me BACK! ;)" B was like oh, that's great, trying to be happy for her. This really bothered me.

As I mentioned before, B had been raped. Well she not long after this decided to press charges. We were, again, at hookah, this time it was a big group of us, including C, B, and K. Someone who was not part of the close group started talking about the guy who raped B, not knowing about the rape. He kept up until B went to the bathroom and started crying. Our friend T followed her. K saw them leave and sighed with some look on her face. After they had been gone a little bit, she got up to go knock on the door. I followed bc I was worried about B. T told K to give them a minute and closed the door. K turns to me and is like, "whatever, I just want everyone around me to be happy. Why can't people just be happy and have a good time?" And then stormed off. I knocked on the door again and asked what was up. They told me about the guy talking about the j/a who had raped B and why she was upset. I comforted her and then went outside "to make sure nothing bad was happening as far as drama." K and C had left.... B was really upset to learn this. K had assumed B was upset about C and her so she made C leave. This really made me unhappy. Our friend T knew K pretty well and made a comment about what K had told me, "K wants people around her to be happy so that her life will be happy and pretty around her, not because she actually wants them to have happiness." I agreed about this comment. The next day, I told K that I was upset about how she had acted and that I didn't think it was acceptable behavior. She was w/e about it.

A couple of other things had really turned me off to K during the next few weeks. Then there was my bday. We were having PJ and the day before K offered to get the fruit for it. I was like, thanks. Well the next morning I called to remind her and she was like, oh I'm too broke now... She had offered to buy it the DAY BEFORE. This ticked me off somewhat because this meant I had to go out to the store AGAIN to get the fruit, while I was trying to finish cleaning the house and mopping and doing all of that stuff. Well when she got back, she was like, are you mad at me? And I was like, I'm a little bit frustrated, yes, I just wish you hadn't offered if you were going to be broke. She then went into C's room and spent the next 3 hours CRYING. This pissed me off bc she was loudly SOBBING for the next 3 hours over something ridiculous. She finally came out and was all teary eyed and offered to buy me a birthday cake(that she could suddenly afford?) and I was like, you know M is bringing me a bday cake. I was like, you already got me a gift, my favorite cookies in the whole world(girlscout caramel delights, omg <3) She turns around crying again and runs into carter's room again.

Well, this really frustrated and bothered me, because I know I haven't explained it all, but she pulls the victim card A LOT. She obviously has low self-esteem and she plays the victim all the time, but she majorly has a bitchy side to her as well. To continue, B came to my bday party and we discovered that her boyfriend had dumped her, OVER EMAIL, the night before. She was soooo hurt and upset bc she had fallen in love with him. She felt like all the men she loved would always leave her, etc. Well, C and K proceeded to lock themselves in C's room during the party and wouldn't come out. This upset B bc she was still in love with C this entire time. (She never once made a move and knew it was better for them to not be together, but you can't help who you love sometimes). Well when K DID come out, she proceeded to want to talk about K and C's sex life with B. The night after B's bf dumped her over email.... And K knew this. BF and B went on a walk where she sobbed to him about everything and it was really sad.

After this, I was done with K. I didn't want to see her, or hang out, or anything. Well, not long ago, C dumped K. K unfriended me on facebook. This amused me, but it also showed me how petty she was. I also found out that K had snooped through C's computer and gotten our friend M to break into all his accounts so she could read his email, etc. This made me EXTREMELY upset, and BF too bc he and C are really good friends.

Well, once again she was still around... and C sucks at hurting people.... so they got back together. Well right after they got back together, K called me. "HEY GIRL! HOW ARE YOU?" all cheerful and fake. And I couldn't deal with it. I was like, I'm fine, what do you want, "We're having GIRLS day!!! Want to come hang out with us?" I was like... no... Then she got all subdued... "I was just trying..." No you weren't, and I'm not going to play this little fake game, sorry.

She then sent me a text of some sort right after and I was like, fuck this. So I told her, I don't want to be friends with you K, so stop pretending with me. Well she proceeded to tell me I had no reason to be mad at her, she told me I was being "irrational" with a smug little voice(she knew I was bipolar, she was referring to this fact) and said no one knew why I was angry with her. Considering that both M and T were with her, and both had asked me.... yeah... So I told her why. And I asked her if I had told her that I didn';t agree with her actions and that they made me mad for each of these things, and she said yes. So I asked her how she could not know when she acknowledged that I had told her... she had no answer. I told her the thing T had told me (except not telling her T said it) and she was like, no one things that but you(funny, T was sitting right next to her) She told me B had told her to not walk on eggshells. I told her there was a difference btw not walking on eggshells and just being a bitch. She told me none of these things were unforgivable and I told her that it wasn't about forgiving, she just wasn't the type of person I wanted to be friends with.

The problem is C. We talked about it, and he said that he hoped the group would be able to hang out together, etc and said he was still my friend, etc. I told him we needed to force the group to hang out instead of seperating and then there wouldn't be a problem. He agreed. But every time BF and I invite them to join us doing stuff, K says no, and so they don't. I can feel C fading away from me more and more and it upsets me.

I almost hate K for all of this. I know I'm not spotless, but ifyou could have heard tones with these things, etc, maybe it would make a little sense.

I guess I just needed to vent about this, I know there's no real advice for this situation, but GAH, I hate K. Seriously. And I wish B would stand up for herself and tell K that the stuff she says DOES hurt her. Because it does. And I wish I could punch K, lol. And gah, sorry for the HUGE post and rant, but I really really needed to vent about this.

And spell check isn't working, so I apologize for my horrible spelling, lol.

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