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Hello all!

Long time reader first time poster!

Don't know what to say really...I'll just talk about myself. I'm 16 ( Could be one of the youngest members) I don't have a diagnosis as of yet because the team don't like to give diagnosis' to young people...Because it might ruin their entire lives..Or something. ;) And they also like prescribing the least medication as possible. All I've been told is I have a psychotic disorder: manic and depressive mood swings with psychosis so says a letter from my psychiatrist to my GP. So I haven't pressured for a diagnosis because I'll get the usual spiel but I'm thinking Bipolar or schizoaffective perhaps. Oh and a lot of anxiety thrown in there. Anyway I've been given Zyprexa, which is like a life-saver. Just started Buspar for anxiety so I'll see how that goes.


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Hi, Entities. Welcome to our little place, and you'll meet other teenagers as you look around. Someone posted yesterday who is 15, I think.

Anyway, be sure to read the rules, and I hope you find lots of good information. Let us know if we can help you in any way.


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Welcome to CB ;)

There are a few of us around here who are younger (I'm 19), so you're not alone there.

I originally got the no-diagnosis thing from my psychiatrist - she really wanted to just treat the symptoms and not put me into boxes, because people don't fit neatly into boxes and blah blah I'm sure you know the whole speech by now.

Anyway, I really adore and respect my psychiatrist, so we did that for a while, but I recently explained to her that it makes me feel really anxious that I didn't have a diagnosis and that I'd feel more safe/grounded/whatever if I had some names for what was wrong with me. So she told me and I mostly felt a lot better.

Your mileage may vary. Some people can live with and even prefer to live with the ambiguity of not having a diagnosis. For me, it was upsetting. I don't know how you feel about it.

It IS a good point that you're still young, and the other point is that if your psychiatrist hasn't known you for very long, he may not be completely sure. I knew my pdoc for over six months before I pressured her for a diagnosis because I wanted to make sure that she'd known me for long enough and seen enough of my episodes to have it be a good, correct diagnosis.

So maybe you'll get one eventually, if that's what you want. Sounds like the letter for your GP gave you a good starting place - maybe that's enough for now.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that you're not alone with the whole diagnosis thing. I also have a lot of anxiety issues as well, and they're the suck.

Look forward to seeing your posts :)


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I'm 16 ( Could be one of the youngest members) I don't have a diagnosis as of yet because the team don't like to give diagnosis' to young people...Because it might ruin their entire lives..Or something.

whoa, gotta say I think you are very lucky to have found CB so early ;)

I wonder what my life would have been like if I'd gotten help just those few years earlier (started meds right about when I turned 19)...but I don't think I'd go back and re-do it since I probably wouldn't be on the path that I am now and I am actually pretty damn happy and looking forward to the direction I've got things going in. But it is crazy to think about having gotten help in high-school.

pause for introspection. lol, sorry, back to you!

welcome to CB :)

oh and as far as the Dx thing goes, I understand where they're coming from. Since we change so much in the late teens that it'd be really hard to pin anything down in the first place. Also, I think they're right in being cautious since for some people, a diagnosis can become their identity if they're really lost. And your Dx isn't WHO you are or what you are, it's something you have on top of those things. That's really hard to grasp for anyone, you know? I think it's good not to get put in a box during such complicated years.

I'm 22 in a month or so and I give a lot of kudos and support to people still in their teens-- manohman is that a hard time, I imagine it's not cake without dealing with a MI either.

And they also like prescribing the least medication as possible.

Where did you *find* these fantastic people?

If you can treat your MI with a few meds or ((gasp)) one med then that is ideal, that is awesome. I gotta say the medications attract medications and they tend to go all Tribble on us (star-trek geek reference, sorry, lol) and before you know it, you're having to buy a new day of the week pill case since your meds don't fit in the standard one.

I'm glad you've already had some success with meds, that's a great way to start.

Sorry that this ended up so long and has the whole self-involved patch in the middle there, jump right into posting and I'll see you around the boards,


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Thanks for the fast replies! I thought I wouldn't see any.

About the medication: I suppose it's good and bad, but I'd rather take 6 different things if they helped rather than take 1 and still have difficulty. But perhaps that's just me.

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Hi and welcome to CB!

We do have some younger posters now and then so you don't have to feel alone.

We have blogs [at the tope of the board] if you want to start one, it's a good way to get to know some people. I have one myself and it's been fun and helpful.

Feel free to PM one of the mods or admins. if you have any questions or concerns.


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Hi, and welcome, Entities.

I am new here myself. This site has been SOOO therapeutic for me. I've got things off my chest that I've never told anyone. Therapists charge big bucks to sit there and listen. These awesome people do it for free! The people here are absolutely non-judgemental and nice as hell. I just want to say, hang in there. My teenage years were the most difficult. Life gets better the longer you are in the game. Your best years are ahead of you. ;)

Take care, joe

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Hiya Entities and welcome to Crazyboards. I don't have anything to add that the wonderful people here haven't already said. But I do want to reiterate what a great place it is, full of utterly wonderful people. And some of those incredible people helped to save my life last winter, for which I will be eternally grateful.

Welcome aboard! ;):)

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