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Axid(Nizatidine) and Anti-psychotics?

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So my psychiatrist was a bit alarmed to hear about my weight gain when starting Olanzapine. He was telling me about a study that found Axid ( Nizatidine): For acid reflux reduced some weight gain so he allowed me to try it. I hadn't mentioned but on the last anti-psychotic I tried I was already taking a different drug for acid reflux that worked in the same way and I have to say it didn't make me as hungry as I was before.

So anyone have any experience with this?

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This is all I could find for you. You might want to ask on that forum as well, if you don't get a response here - they're more meds geared.

I also found this:

Another antidote, for Zyprexa and Depakote, is the acid-production blockers (H2-blockers), e.g. Axid, Pepcid, and others. One study that looked at this in some detail fount that it worked, at least somewhat: instead of gaining 12 pounds in 16 weeks on Zyprexa, the patients on Axid only gained 6 pounds, and may have been leveling off.Cavazzoni However, a later study looked at the same approach and found and it provided no benefit,Assuncao Interestingly, and sadly: the first study, the one that found benefit from using an H-2 blocker, was produced with the financial support of the company that makes olanzapine. The second study, finding no benefit, was produced with the financial support of a company that makes a competing medication, and began with patients who are already gained a tremendous amount of weight. No fair! That gives you some sense of how you have to watch out for how the research is done in this business. Overall, this approach just has not been very popular among clinicians, which is another bit of evidence that it really doesn't help much (Zyprexa is such a effective medication, if something made it easier to use, less likely to cause weight gain, that would be a very big deal and would probably get quite a bit of attention). In my view, if we're going to add an additional medication just to block another medication's side effects, it ought to work better than this. Especially when there are others which may reverse weight gain, as follows.

I found that here. I know it's not a personal experience, but I thought you might still be interested.

It looks like the jury is mostly still out on Axid. Maybe someone else with personal experience will show up and help you.

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