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the worst-to-explaine symptom in the history of medical science yet the most important!

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Hi. so here we go. I have been trying to explait to like one gazillion pdocs the one symptom which is KILLING ME since 8 years and I faild miserably (which led to dozens of wrong Dx'es). well, since recently when the chief doc whatever from the hospital i went to told me the idea with the so called hyperreflexivity which seems to be one of the main symptoms of schizophrenia or as some say THE MAIN symptom or probably the CAUSE of all the other symptoms (seriously, read the links CAREFULLY AND THOROUGHLY AGAIN AND AGAIN)

so you may ask to explain what it is. the answer is i still fail to explain it without sounding like an schizophrenic with severe thought disorder (which i'm not as you may be able to recognize from this post)who believes he is a philosopher. but i can totally point at the links included in this post and say WTF THATS ME!!!

anyways. i try: it's like all your senses are super strong and you feel everything very intensely (like everything is too loud or too detailed or too bright) but at the same time, your senses are not a part of you. like your senses are not conncected to your inner core, your self, your soul, or whatever you want to call it. and this causes the whole world look quite weird. well i would be happy with weird. it's rather like i'm not living in this world at all. it's like i'm sitting on mars and controlling a machine (my body) on earth and seeing the world on earth trough monitors and shit.

NOW HERE'S THE REAL SHIT: THE EYE OPENING LINKS: I will kill a kitty for everyone with SZ or with loved one with SZ who doesnt read all that stuff. and dont forget to reply

Short description of hyperreflexivity

[link=http://books.google.de/books?id=CkpLHA9stZQC&pg=PA68&lpg=PA68&dq=disturbed+ipseity&source=bl&ots=N7K3_lgO92&sig=nRiQeZdcvKnYUrJmsDQCVH4xGCE&hl=de&ei=2wS8Sd0SzIywBpvAqegO&sa=X&oi=book_result&resnum=5&ct=result#PPA68,M1" target="_blank]LONG ASS DESCRIPTION of hyprereflexivity and ipsiety disturbance[/link] read page 68 - 72

p.s: seems like i'm schizophrenic after all heehee ;)


polar bear

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Ok, I read the summary. Sorry, I am NOT going to read anything longer on the subject.

I did a quick check on the web and it seems that there is some scholarly activity discussing these subjects. Surprisingingly I've never heard the terminology or concepts before, but then I am not a psych major. As I understand it the discussion is at a high level psychologically over how a Sz percieves himself in, over, or above reality.

This is akin to arguing Freud's Id, Superego, etc, and has no practical usefulnesss or benefit to the patient or even his real world psychiatrist. Frankly, I'm not even sure that all this is anything more than an academic construct.

Maybe one of our psychology types might be able to pull something usefull out of this and comment. I''m sorry, I find anything other than applied psychology of litle interest. (just being honest).

I'm NOT convinced that you should really even be reading such articles in order to apply them to yourself.


p.s. Uber... Are you trying to say that you feel disconnected from your body ,or disconnected from the world around you? Those might be more like symptoms of dissociation/dearealization.

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Okay, I am going to try and comment on this from my "autism point of view".

Which means only looking into myself and others similar to me.

Those of us on the autistic spectrum experience many psychotic features (although not all the traits of schizophrenia and other frank psychotic disorders, not that there's anything wrong with psychosis!). Physical and psychological hyperreflexivity are almost universal in us, and this is VERY well known.

We shy away from any "overload" of any of the senses, touch, sound, smell, you name it.

I am unsurprised to see this happen in psychotic disorders like SZ.

Anyways, keep us posted on the research!

-LM, formerly fous

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AM! i totally disagree with you on whatever you said, say and will say on this topic ;)

understandig how the patient is actually feeling is a good thing, and helping the patient to understand his condition is also a good thing.

btw: why shouldnt I be reading this stuff? the days ehen the patients where supposed to know nothing and trust the docs blindly ARE FREAKING OVER. if i had'nt questioned the different pdocs ideas and authority i would be DEAD (either by sucide or because basicly they where giving me an overdose of antidepressants). reading on ones problem is a good idea.

i agree with you that it looks pretty much like derealization but neither me nor my doc believe it's derealization anymore. btw i had naltrexone which is supposed to help with the kind of derealization you are talking about and it didnt work. in contrast risperdal did work but only for some weeks.

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Guest Guest_pamito_*

Thanks for posting those links.

those articles on Hyper-reflexivity have put a point on my most troubling symptoms! Why don't pdocs ever talk about these? Probably because its what the patient experiences rather than what the doctors can measure.

I hope there is more research into ipseity and the like. They may not lead to curing psychosis but at least it feels like someone out there actually takes note of the experiential effects of schizophrenia rather than just outside diagnostic checklists. Psychotic illnesses fragment the sense of self, first and foremost, in my opinion (psychotic or not). ;)

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