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HOw did u fnid out you were bi polar

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You might not get too many responses since most of us have shared this info a billion times in other posts.

Why do you ask? Are you bipolar? Do you think you're bipolar? I'm sure most of us would like to know more about you since you are new to us.

Quid pro quo

EDIT: Typo...that's what happens when you only sleep for three hours... ::sigh::

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As Reborn sad, there are threads on this topic that you can search.

IIRC, nearly all were symptomatic, some in response to antidepressants. Age of dx ranges from teens to 40s or 50s.

If you post a question about your experiene being diagnosed, those with similar experiences may respond.

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My MD.

started asking questions,

pretty soon,

comes lexapro




ad nauseum,

My Doc,teaches other small city Dr.s

How to recognise,not only Bipolar

but dpressive disorders and that stuff.

I must have been 49 when DXed,

by a shrink too.Explained

some of my past.


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