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I have always had very vivid, very disturbing dreams. They are sometimes violent and often sexually dsturbing. I never tell anyone what I dream about because I'm afraid they will think something is wrong with me, but in reality I'm as revolted by them as anyone else would be.

I started taking Lexapro a few months back for depression and my dreams immediately toned down. After missing one pill they started right back up.

In addition to the depression, I would also probably fit into the OCD spectrum as I have a few quirks like counting obsessivly. Oh, and I've always had anxiety problems........basically I'm all around crazy ;)

So my question is, what is the source of these dreams? Could it be the depression, OCD, or anxiety? Has anyone else experienced this?

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You know, I would love to know this as well about dreams. A friend of mine is also now experiencing the same.

I think he said that when he talks about it, it is as if he feels less guilty, and the dreams lessen. I shall ask him when I speak to him.

My vivid dreams usually indicate something very definite. It is either something in my subconscious, but then it is a recurring dream I get, like my lift, or my escalator dream.

If it is any other vivid dream, even if it is sexual, albeit disturbing, I normally take to be a sign of stress of "unquiet" thoughts generally? Can this be the case for you?

I don't really know, I am just fishing in the dark with you!

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