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Does any one know the MI statistics?

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I read these topics about BP being a trend, and the new hip MI's and I am curious what the general statistics for MI are, like how many people total % have been dx'ed with any and all MI's.

I think it would be interesting to know with all the hot topics about MI trends here. I know that BP is in now, but that schizophrenia was in a few decades ago and depression was hip in the 90's and blah blah blah, but I generally want to know how many people in the US as of today are dx'ed.

Come on guys I know some one here has this answer...lol we have many scholastics here and some one must have the answer for me. I have an attention span of a 4 year old at the moment and the memory of a fish so I doubt I could even find this info or remember that I want to know tomorrow so I figured some one with a higher IQ than me (132 in high school probably dropped many point by now) can help out.

Thank you guys! ;)

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