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Newbie to the group

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Hi Wacky!

Welcome to the board. GLad you found us. THis is a great place to vent, get support, read about others who have "been there" and just feel like you can really get a hand up when you need it.

We have blogs if you want to start one, they are a good way to get to know some of the members [of course you can make yours completely private as well if you wish to] and a new chat that is pretty easy to use. Both links are at the top of the boards just below the header.

I hope you stick around and let us get to know you.

Let any of the mods or admins know via PM if you need anything.

[You can also pm me through my signature if you wish- as long as you're logged in.]


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Hey there. Was referred to this group as a place to clear the head, vent, discuss...so Here I am. I log in as WeAreCrazyKidsYes? ...or wacky for short...can't wait to "meet" you all.

Hi, Wacky!

YIP!! Indeed the right place to be - good friend you have to send you here! Welcome, may you talk lots and long and often!

Great to meet you!

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