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De- lurking

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Hello, world! Hello crazyboards, anyways. I've been lurking here a while, and I figured it was time to de-lurk.

Stumbled across crazyboards when I was trying to figure out whether a recent simultaneous depression and panic attack was a dysphoric hypomania of some kind. I've since decided that it doesn't matter so much what you _call_ it, it's most important to get it treated properly so it goes away and (hopefully) doesn't come back! Been on the med- go- round for years, and have recently resigned myself to the fact that I will need some form of treatment for this for the rest of my life. (I would only consider coming off meds if I was confident that holistic/ behavioral interventions were keeping me stable, which is years away if it ever happens.) Would like a long remission, but have accepted that I need to keep an eye out for episodes beginning or getting worse even if I'm not feeling too bad at any given time. Plus I need to be really careful about excersising, eating right, having a regular sleep schedule, and all that other stuff that doctors tend to recommend to everybody, but for me the consequences of not doing that stuff can be a bit more immediate than for most people.

I like the irreverent attitude on display here. A sense of humor is no "cure" for any of this stuff, but it sure makes things more bearable.


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I like the irreverent attitude on display here

;) Love that....

Welcome to the board!

Good way to put it-- I think the thing that made me stick around in the beginning before I even realized what great people were here was the sense of humor. I mean the board titles alone made me feel at home since it's the stuff that we all *think* sometimes but never really say out loud about our MI: "Let WHAT be my fucking umbrella?" and "Stuff that makes you feel like crap" and "Could you say that again? I was listening to my head"-- yep, SOsoso the place for me :)

and belated welcome to CB :)

I think a lot of us lurked (too bad that word is so sinister sounding , lol, I prefer 'poked around') for a while before deciding to post. Some of the most supportive, 'outgoing' members and mods have admitted to being past lurkers, so you're in good company.

Hope you keep posting, MJ,


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Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone! I had a pretty similar reaction to the titles and descriptions of the forum. I appreciate efforts to reduce stigma, but if things are always described in gentle, "politically correct" language, it can get difficult to communicate how you really feel about your condition. Sometimes the most appropriate language is more like ;)

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It seems like you really have a hold of that Whole Picture point of view of treatment, which can be difficult to manage and get a grasp on. That all these little things we do, not just the meds and therapy, effect us. Maybe profoundly.

Good for you for working so hard and taking control.

Glad to "see" you around the boards.

I hope you like it here. We do have blogs, if you'd like to start one and a chat that's pretty easy to use so if you want to stop in and say hi that might be nice. [both of those links are at the top of the board. Or actually, right now in my signature, too]

Feel free to PM any of the mods or admins if you have any questions or concerns about anything at all.


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I'm a recent member too. Was also a creepy lurker for awhile before joining! WHOA! Not to say lurkers are creepy, I'm just creepy, it's just me. Though the WORD "Lurker" to me implies some level of creepiness.

Sorry, I just wanted to say hi, not all that other shit I said.

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