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Newbie just saying hi

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I've been reading the boards for a bit. I just wanted to officially introduce myself. A little background: I'm 22, I suffer from a number of things but anxiety is probably my biggest problem at the moment. I'm taking a few Rx's and they work... sometimes. Hope to get to know you guys. This place seems like a safe place to give and get support.



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Hi Lesley.

[i wasn't sure which I should call you. I hope Lesley is ok]

I'm 26 and I've a few things going on but by far right now, my anxiety is the biggest problem too. I know it can get really bad, right? I think stress is really exacerbating mine.

Are you in school or do you work? [Or... if you don't want to talk about those here right now, that's cool too.]

I hope you find this a comfortable place to be. We have lots of boards for different things and also a blogging area and a chat if you're into that kind of thing.

The people here are really nice so if you need anything just ask.

Feel free to PM a mod or admin if you need to. [with a question/concern]

I'm glad you decided to introduce yourself.

Nice to "meet" you.


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