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Provigil + Lamictal/sleeeeepy

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I started taking Lamictal about 9 days ago (still at the 25mg dose for a few more days) and really didn't notice increased sleepiness or anything. I began taking Provigil yesterday and feel extremely sleepy even though I slept 8 hours last night and the night before. I take both in the morning as soon as I get up and I swear an hour after I took my meds I wanted to go face down, even though I also had 2 cups of coffee.

Is it possible that the Provigil is actually making me sleepier? I am one of those weird people who can drink coffee and immediately go to sleep if it is bedtime.

Maybe I am ADHD or something and it is acting like stimulants do (i.e. calming me down) for the Ritalin/Adderall ADHD folks? I have never been dx with that but now I am seriously starting to wonder.


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Some find Lamictal a bit sedating, some a bit energizing, others not at all. You might try taking it at bedtime and see if things improve.

Provigil can have a paradoxical effect, but that is not the norm [EDIT: 2% of users in clinical trials. a very small number]. You might consider splitting the tablets (if they are tablets and not extended release. I don't have time to check for you presently).

You are starting up two meds at the same time. You need to be patient and allow a number of weeks for things to stabilize and for you body & head to accomodate.

Taking these two at separate times will greatly help in figuring out what side effects are from which.

a.m. I'll have another cup of coffeee for you. ;)

[EDIT: I ran a check, there are no known interactions between Lamictal and Provigil. Of note, it is recommended that Provigil be taken on an empty stomach, since food will delay absorption by at least an hour, and peak blood levels may be delayed as much as 4 hours. One suggestion is to take your tab on an empty stomach with water/OJ etc, and then wait an hour to have your meal, e.g. breakfast. ]

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