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Engaged to Speaker who cares

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I am engaged to a man that was diagnosed in 1995 with Intermittent Explosive Disorder. Of course I had NO idea what this was- Until I heard his story.

As a child Roger suffered from temper tantrums and rage attacks so severe he was made a ward of the court. This was in the early 70's. From age 12 to 16 he lived in shelters, mental institutions, group homes, and psychiatric hospitals throughout the state of California. During which time he experienced several different forms of discipline and medications. Being striped of his belt, shoes and pockets emptied, he was place in a 7'by4' room with no outside windows and no door knob on the inside. He was restrained on beds by being wrapped in sheets from his ankles to his neck. As early as 9 years old he was subjected to several different types of anti-depressants including Ritalin, Valium and Lithium.

By the age of 34 with two addictive drugs habits and two failed marriages behind him, the comedy stage alone was no longer enough to his anger under control. His aggressive and abusive behavior landed him into a psychaitric hospital twice, within a 6 month period.

Present day- After struggling for over three decades, he was finally given a diagnosis- I.E.D. This disorder was still unknown to the public and researchers at the time, so proper medications and therapy were still in the testing stage. Over the years while learning what he could about the disease he taught himself how to overcome and survive living with it. After 14 years of touring and performing comedy all over the United States, he developed a strong ability to keep any size groups attention and his strong stage presence continues to shine even when delivering material on a much darker subject.

Roger is a kind, very loving person. He is always positive and motivated and every day is a new beginning. He has never put myself or his 3 children in harms way. He has learned to control his anger before it gets out of control. Roger recently suffered from 2 seizures. This was not because of I.E.D. He was tested and found not to be an epileptic, but stress was the major factor. He has learned to calm himself down, to get out of the situation and understand what causes him to have an episode.

We are asking everyone who reads this to be as passionte about this subject as Roger is. This illness not only affects children, it affects husbands, wives, siblings and everyone else who knows someone with this illness and it begins with one voice-YOURS.

Please help me to help you. Anyone who hears Roger's story of growing up as a child with this disease, to overcoming and living with it, will not only be inspired, but will have a sense of hope. Schools are not the only platform that needs to hear his story. Anyone who feels confused, frustrated and angry will.

It's time to hear the cries of our children, before we hear their screams"

Thank you for your time and I hope to hear form you Tammy {{Edited by a.m. to remove last name for anonymity}}

www.fungirlfund@yahoo.com ;)

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I'm terribly sorry to hear your situation, but this really isn't the place to attempt to sell a product.

Nonetheless, I sympathize with you, as IED runs down the maternal side of the family for me. I've got IED issues, my mother does as well, as did her father (who was a suicide), and his mother as well (who was likely considered a suicide as well, dead at the age of 35.

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