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Fron Nardil To Pristiq

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Well, for anyone who has been tracking my feel less pain or feel less depression conundrum I have finally made a choice.

I'm going off Nardil and going on a brief trial of Pristiq. after that, maybe effexor since they're basically almost the same molecule. (not trying to start a debate here.) I know it would make more sense just to start with effexor in this case but I'm poor this month and they only had pristiq samples. I went to see a new pdoc for a second opinion and this is what she recommended. This way, I'll be able to take stronger painkillers without the fear of an MAOI-Narcotic interaction.

So, We'll see how this goes. I've been on Nardil for over 2 years. Kinda scared to go off it. But I've got 2 pdocs working on this and if I feel in the least bit bad the whole thing is off.

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