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Just requesting some help from those who have been around...I know, I do this often, but please bear with me for now while I learn the ropes.

I am trying to move rigth now, and trying is the rigth word cause I am totally useless. I will start to pack some boxes or whatever, and within 15 min I will have to go lay down cause my head is spinning and I am so very tired...I sleep a lot, 10 hrs a day or so.

Perhaps it's out of frustration, but I am starting to worry that this is beyond what should be expected as a side effect. It's my second week of carbamazepine. I don't think I was quite as tired last week.

Is this within the normal side effect range? Am i supposed to feel utterly exhausted after any ridiculous piddling effort such as moving a few boxes?

Could this signal a serious problem?

Note: I ran to the lab to get my blood done as soon as they opened today. My pdoc' off on vacation, so my GP will be monitoring the blood work; my pdoc told him what to watch for, cause he knows next to nothing about psychiatry (so he wouldn't be the one to ask about the side effects either).

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Thanks for your replies. I realy appreciate it; it feels like having friends/mentors who watch over me, and it's very reasuring that I can come here with my questions and worries ;)

My usual energy level is pretty high...as a matter of fact, I tend to switch to hypomania whenever something urgently needs to be done. And I usually sleep about 6-7 hour a day, if I'm normal (eg not during an episode, when it's often less)

The wine's probably not the culpit, because this has been going on for the last 3-4 days...i was a bit off in the morning before, but not as bad as this

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