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Another new one!

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Hi. I just became a member after reading many of your posts over the last month. Both my son and I have ADHD-inattentive, and are taking Adderall. So I have found all your posts about various meds and ADHD in general to be really helpful. I decided to join because I am quickly becoming pretty well read on these subjects too and may be able to answer some of the questions of others. I have also battled depression in the past, although that is under control right now. (I think it may be a surprise benefit of the Adderall). After all I have gone through with ADHD I think I was in denial about my son possibly having it. Also, he is adopted....so it just did not seem likely. But things went from bad to worse, his self esteem was taking a sever beating (as in "Mom, I don't like myself"--at 8!!!). He was getting further and further behind in school...social problems began. I had to face it, he has ADHD. The testing did not lie, and everything around him proved it further. We finally started both medication and counseling for hi. I was diagnosed over 20 years ago. Only recently have I been treating it on a consistent basis. It had gotten worse.

Well, that's a start.


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Hi jojo I'm glad you found us!

I hope you like it here.

If you're interested, we have blogs [i don't know if you've seen them yet, the link is at the top of the boards] and a chat [also at the top of the boards].

If you have any questions, feel free to pm any of the mods or admins with anything you need.



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Jo Jo was a man who thought he was a loner

But he knew it couldn't last...


between the beatles and bob dylan I think there's a song lyric for everything, lol.

but this is a tangent. not that I'm dxed with ADD too or anything...hmm.

annnyway, welcome to CB, I'll try not to reference that beatles song every time I see you!

unless you're from Tucson, Arizona, in which case I will always close my posts with "get back, Jo Jo!"

going now, welcome again,


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