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My mission for the week

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Have always had periods of insomnia, definitely MI related (get it with depression, get it with mania). It has been really bad these last 2 months since I came off Seroquel. Benzos aren't working, OTC & herbal stuff has long had its day, and even Stilnox (Ambien) has a low hit rate.

My t-doc will not talk to me about anything but sleep at the moment as it is of course the biggest risk to my stability. She is a good t-doc, specialises in bipolar. But our session this week frustrated the hell out me... She said this week I 'just have to sleep no matter what'. OK yeah, tell me about it! But what I have to do is 'just get into bed & focus on nothing but sleep'. HELLO!?! What has been driving me so nuts these last 2 months except laying in bed thinking about sleep1?

I don't get it. Is she trying to tell me something my sleep-deprived brain can't comprehend? When I think about sleep, I think about how I can't get to sleep, & it makes it worse. I have tried this the last 2 nights & have laid there til 3 or 4am as usual.

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Sorry to hear that your sleep has got so bad.

IMO it's worth trying to see your pdoc to review meds, esp if tdoc is so fixated on the issue.

If that's not possible, you need to be honest with tdoc that her comments are just making you worry more and therefore LESS likely to sleep.

Wish I had something better to offer, but you know how it is with us crazies - sleep (at least in any kind of quality) is a tough nut to crack sometimes.

Best of luck, hope you can get some decent sleep this week!

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