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Lamictal : paradoxical reaction- anyone experience this

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I've been feeling especially irritable, angry, and extreme mood swings since day 7 of Lamictal 25mg. I thought I was goi g insane! I was flipping people off, had a short fuse and felt suicidal,sad and edgy! Today was the final straw-I went off during a work meeting, asking the facillitator of she had a problem with me, why she was so unfriendly and told her I felt unwelcome at the meeting!!! WTF?

Then I cried.

Geez. How freaking humiliating. I'm usually quiet and reserved ( ie, social anxiety Hello!)

Ok so I was so angry at that woman- but I could not contain my thoughts. It all came pouring out I had no filter!

Not good, not good at all, in fact very bad for that relationship.

I called Pdoc again (she hadn't called me back since I left message on sat) this time we talked for

a bit askede to come in today. Wow! During the visit

She asked me a bunch of questions took a good look at me then appologized profusely that I had this kind of reaction, that I was suffering so much.

Seems like I had a "paradoxical effect" to the Lamictal- meaning it made me high, aggitated and suicidal instead of leveled out.

Gosh, now we wait for lamictal to leave my brain then start from zero. This med testing is getting tiresome.

For now I am ordered to stay home and take Zyprexa.

I'm scared. I'm so sensitive to meds... Can Anyone relate?



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It's not uncommon for Lamictal to be activating for some people or to make them agitated. It doesn't usually do that, but it's not rare for it to, by any means. Sounds like you might be one of those people. I am, too. I had something very similar to what you described happen to me when I tried it a couple years ago, but not quite as dramatic and not until I got to a higher dose. I got the extra energy and irritability while simultaneously feeling kind of suicidal, just like you said, and I had to stop taking it, too, because that's obviously not a great situation to be in for very long. I've had better luck with other stuff since then despite having some previous bad experiences like the whole Lamictal thing, so hopefully you can also find something that gets along with your brain better.

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