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another amitryptaline question.

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I've been really anxious the last four days- more than even when I was getting flashbacks all the time.

If it were just feeling anxious or shaky or breathless (I don't normally hyperventilate) I would put it down to anxiety. But I keep getting these hot flushes. Even if it's cold, I start sweating and my face is burning. It lasts from 5-15 minutes.

I take it at night, and the only time I don't feel as anxious is about 9-11 at night, right before I'm due to take the next dose.

I called pdoc today about the heart thing and she said to not raise the dosage until I see my cardiologist in a couple weeks.

It only occurred to me today that maybe it's the amitryptaline causing such a massive spike in anxiety.

I had a similar spike when I reached a certain dosage of mirtazapine. Pdoc stopped it and the anxiety subsided.

The thing is, I can't get onto pdoc for another four days.

I do have some seroquel that I can take if things get really bad. I'm only just functioning, I think i'll have to call in sick to work.

Is dropping it down myself a really stupid thing to do?

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If you can't reach pdoc, I'd drop it down, I think. If you started to have bad withdrawal, you can always raise it back up again, and if it makes the anxiety better until you can reach pdoc, I personally think it's a good idea.

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